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Ceylon spices

We offer a full range of Sri Lankan spices such as Ceylon authentic (pure) cinnamon, pepper, cardamom, cloves, ginger and turmeric, to name a few.

Ceylon Cinnamon

The Ceylon cinnamon or true cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka. Ceylon true cinnamon is mainly used as a cooking ingredient all over the world. Cinnamon is a powerful
spice that has been used medicinally around the world for thousands of years.

Ceylon Pepper

Pepper is popularly known as the “king of spices”, and it’s the highest traded spice in the world. Pepper has many uses such as a spice and flavouring agent in the food industry and industrial applications in perfumery and pharmaceutical industries. Pepper is produced as black pepper which is the whole dried fruit, and white pepper is produced by removing outer pericarp. Pepper is also available in crushed and ground forms.

Ceylon Cloves

Clove is the dried, fully grown but still unopened flower buds of the evergreen tree ‘Eugenia caryophyllus’ of the family ‘Myrtaceae’

Cloves are used in either whole form, ground form or oil form. Ground and whole forms of cloves are used for both sweet and savoury foods in pickling and the production of sauces and ketchups. In medicines, it is valued as a carminative, aromatic and stimulant. Cloves are used in the cigarette industry as a flavouring agent. Clove oil is used in perfumes, in dentistry and a clearing agent in microscopy.

Ceylon Cardamom

Cardamom, known as the “Queen of Spices”. Cardamom can be found in whole form, seeds or ground form. Cardamom is also used in the extraction of oils and oleoresin. Cardamom is used in the food industry as a flavouring agent in sweets, confectionaries, bakery products, and as an ingredient of curry (masala) powder. Cardamom Oil is used for flavouring of beverages and drinks. Cardamom is used as a powerful aromatic, stimulant, carminative, stomachic, and diuretic in medicine.

Ceylon Ginger

Dried ginger is powdered and used for different products. Ginger oils and oleoresins are used in the food industry to flavour curries, bakery & other food products.

Ceylon Turmeric

Turmeric is the spice that gives curry its yellow colour. Turmeric contains compounds with medicinal properties. These compounds are called curcuminoids, the most important of which is curcumin. Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a powerful antioxidant.

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